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An Evening at Irwin Prairie

A UT student and Ryan Schroeder with ODNR will take us on an evening tour of Irwin Prairie State Nature Preserve just west of Toledo. We will make two rounds on the boardwalk, once at 7 p.m. and once at 8 p.m., to first watch, then listen to the sounds of animals drown out all other noise. The concert begins with the raking of Chorus Frogs and guttural ramblings of Leopard Frogs, the aerial displays and calls of Woodcock, and perhaps an early Snipe. We will also likely see Brown, Ribbon, and Garter Snakes setting up for the night. The symphony then crescendos on the second round with the calls of the Spring Peepers, which will literally leave your ears ringing. Some years, even parts of the boardwalk have been under water, so be sure to wear appropriate shoes. Bring a flashlight and the kids! Meet at 7 p.m. in the Irwin Prairie parking lot on Bancroft Street, one quarter mile west of Irwin Road. Stay tuned to TNA’s website, newsletter, and Facebook page for details and updates.

Irwin Prairie State Nature Preserve