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Meet the New GRI Newsletter Contributors!

Oak Openings CWMA Intern: Olivia

Hello all! My name is Olivia Onago and I am the CWMA intern with the Oak Openings Green Ribbon Initiative! I am currently a sophomore at the University of Toledo studying environmental science with a minor in biology.

Growing up on my family’s farm, I understand what nature means to the human race and how important it is to not only our society, but to the wildlife that calls the natural world home. I have learned to appreciate the Earth’s natural beauty while also coming to understand how I can better my surroundings and perhaps conserve the planet’s grandeur more efficiently than generations in the past. I hope to share my love for nature with everyone I meet, and I believe the opportunity to turn this ambition into a career is absolutely amazing. The freedom that comes with accomplishing something you are passionate about every day of your life cannot be matched but within a fulfilling profession. I will not be simply going to school or going to a job, but I will be surrounded by something that I intend to work endlessly for with a greater purpose always on my mind. I believe that if you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life.

In the future I plan to have a career that focuses primarily on wildlife preservation and rehabilitation, but I figured I would get some initial experience with plants as well, hence my involvement with The Nature Conservancy. Further, I am extremely passionate about protecting the environment and I believe the GRI is a fantastic program that will help to improve the Oak Openings Region tremendously. I am sure that this internship will allow me access to countless opportunities for my future!

Lastly, I thought I’d share just a few fun facts about myself! I am an extreme, over the top cat lady and I am not afraid to show anyone the millions of pictures of my four cats that I have on my phone (whether they want to see them or not). I am also an introverted book lover… I could sit inside all day with my nose in a book and a cat curled up on my lap. Preferably, I like to read young adult fantasy, but I also love to dabble in historical fiction at times. Amy Harmon is perhaps the best author of all time, and she writes a wide range of genres if anyone is interested in checking her out! Finally, I am an avid fan of movies, with The Greatest Showman being my absolute favorite. I don’t often like musicals, but these songs are positively amazing, and I love to sing along in the car (at the top of my lungs). 

TNC Ohio Volunteer: Elizabeth

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Anderson. I’m the new Green Ribbon Initiative volunteer writer and social media manager for TNC. I will be writing monthly articles in the Green Ribbon Initiative newsletter, and will also be taking charge of the GRI Facebook and Instagram pages and posting every week about the Oak Openings region and Green Ribbon Initiative events, so stay tuned!

So, here’s a little background information about myself. I graduated from Adrian College last Spring with a bachelors in Biology. My goal is to have a career in the environmental science field. Since graduating, I’ve worked a variety of seasonal jobs, such as volunteering for TNC, doing a fishing survey for the Ohio Division of Wildlife, and working with nesting sea turtles in Costa Rica. Conservation has always been a passion of mine, and I hope to be able to make our planet a better place for future generations.

I grew up here in northwest Ohio, and have always had a love for nature. As a kid, I spent hours roaming the woods across the street from our house with my brother and dad searching for frogs, salamanders, snakes and turtles. Outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, camping, and hunting have always been a big part of my life. I’m excited to continue to share my love for the outdoors through volunteer work and my career.

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