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SMLC has a new Nature Preserve in the Sibley Prairie Complex!

Located in the Sibley Prairie, this fantastic 39 acre preserve is comprised of forested wetlands and lakeplain prairie remnants. The property will be added to SMLC’s Sibley Prairie Nature Preserve. SMLC and other conservation organizations such as the Ohio Chapter of The Nature Conservancy and Michigan Nature Association are working to protect the 400-acre Sibley Prairie, the largest prairie remnant in Michigan.  Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy received the property from Glen Shaw Jr. and Patricia Shaw as part of a deal that included placing a Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) Conservation Easement on the property. 

Sibley prairieWhy is this area so important?

  • The property’s most important feature is a rare remnant of lakeplain prairie which is endemic to the great lakes region. This unique habitat is home to many rare or threatened plant species.
  • The property is integral to preserving the natural character of Brownstown Township and much of the historic landscape of Michigan. It is comprised of mostly forested wetlands with pockets of open prairie.
  • Wildlife habitat includes the forested wetlands, emergent marshlands, ponds, streams, prairie remnants and old dune features.
  • This property wholly contains a historic prairie remnant called “Beech-Daly Road” which was identified in a regional survey conducted in 1995 titled, “A Survey of Lakeplain Prairie in Michigan”. It is one remnant of several that make up the Greater Sibley Road Prairie Complex.

SMLC is currently fundraising for its Sibley Prairie Land Protection Project. Local contributions received by December 31, 2014 will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $75,000 by The Carls Foundation. Anyone interested in donating can send a check to SMLC, 8383 Vreeland Rd., Superior Township, MI 48198. Please let SMLC know the gift is for this project.  To learn more about Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy, visit: http://www.smlcland.org/.