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What it Takes to Survive in the Oak Openings

Ohio’s New Learning Standards- Science
Classify animals according to their characteristics.
Relate animal structures to their specific survival functions (e.g., acquiring food, escaping from predators).
Ohio’s New Learning Standards ELA-Writing Standards
Conduct short research projects that build knowledge about a topic.
Speaking and Listening Standards (Presentation of Knowledge)
Report on a topic, being able to recall appropriate facts, descriptive details, and speak clearly at an understandable pace.

How to use this lesson plan:

This lesson plan has a PowerPoint presentation, a lesson text document that lists the components of the lesson plan as well as a script that can be used verbatim if you want to go through all of the components of the plan.  This lesson plan also has what are called Animal Fact Sheets that are part of the design for this lesson, but can be used as stand alone documents. The Student Presentation Paper document is designed for the research and presentation of the students individual animal that they researched.  The reference sheet contains links to supporting websites that can be used for further learning on the subject matter.

Oak Openings Primer

What it Takes to Survive in the Oak Openings-Text

What it Takes to Survive in the Oak Openings-PowerPoint

Animal Fact Sheets

Student Presentation Paper


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