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If you work in or study the Oak Openings Region or similar habitats, we are adding papers and research that relates to this area as they become available.  If you have sources we should add, please contact us so we can provide them to others.


University Labs doing research in/related to the Oak Openings Region

Dr. Richard Becker, University of Toledo, land subsidence, groundwater resources

Dr. Juan Bouzat, Bowling Green State University, molecular ecology and conservation, population genetics, and molecular evolution

Dr. Daryl Dwyer, University of Toledo, environmental microbiology, bioremediation

Dr. Timothy Fisher, University of Toledo, geomorphology, glacial and quaternary geology, quaternary history of the Great Lakes

Dr. Enrique Gomezdelcampo, Bowling Green State University, ecohydrology, watershed analysis and modeling , GIScience analysis methods, spatial statistics and visualization, fluvial geomorphology

Dr. Scott Heckathorn, University of Toledo, plant physiological ecology

Dr. David Krantz, University of Toledo, coastal and marine geology, quaternary geology

Dr. James Martin-Hayden, University of Toledo, general hydrogeology, hydrogeologic field methods, numerical groundwater modeling

Dr. Daryl Moorhead, University of Toledo, systems ecology

Dr. Helen Michaels, Bowling Green State University, evolution and ecology of plant mating systems, ecological genetics

Dr. Karen Root, Bowling Green State University, conservation of native  biodiversity, including conservation planning and management

Dr. Donald Stierman, University of Toledo, environmental geophysics

Dr. Elliot Tramer, University of Toledo, Emeritus, population dynamics of vertebrates and plants, avian ecology

Dr. Michael Weintraub, University of Toledo, soil ecology, plant-soil interactions, ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry

Dr. Eric Wood, University of Wisconsin–Madison, wildlife habitat ecology and applied biodiversity conservation focused on avian and lepidopteran species

Papers and Abstracts


Rare and Infrequent Plant Species in the Oak Openings of Northwestern Ohio

Easterly, Nathan William- 1979

Conference Abstracts

North American Conference on Savannas and Barrens 1994

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